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Sleep Late, Over Child Obesity Risk

Being overweight or obese has now become a common problem, not just adults but also children. Running a healthy and balanced diet is balanced regular exercise is the best way to prevent obesity.

There are many more simple and easy to make your child’s weight remains ideal. A recent study indicates that early rest periods and adequate duration of sleep may increase the risk of children are overweight. Children who used to sleep early and wake up earlier have more body lean and physically active than children who used to go to bed late at night.

In his study, researchers at the University of South Australia recorded the time of sleep and wakefulness over 2,200 participants, aged 9-6 years. Participants who have time to sleep better, generally early (21:20) and waking up early (at 07:00) bed. While those with poor sleep, sleep (at 22:40) and wakes up (at 8:20). Then the researchers compared the weight of the participants.

The study, published in the journal Sleep shows that children who sleep late and wake up late on 1.5 times more likely to be obese than people who sleep and wake up earlier. In fact, children who sleep late at night almost two times more likely to be physically inactive and 2.9 times more likely to be in front of the TV, computer or playing video games are more hours than the recommended limits.

“In recent years scientists have realized that children who sleep less tend to have poor health,” said lead researcher Dr. Carol Maher.

“Children who sleep late and wake up late, and asked the kids to bed and getting up earlier in much the same total duration of interruptions. The scientists found in recent years of children who sleep less tend to do things detrimental health effects, including the risk of making the body overweight and obesity. Tsudi This indicates that the timing of sleep is more important, “added Maher.

In the morning, Maher said, is more conducive to children and adolescents compared to the evening, where there is an interesting TV programs and opportunities for social networking activities. The relationship between time and the availability of the activity may explain why the behavior is less active (sitting) in connection with a late bedtime, he said.

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