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Doctors can not always explain why some people get cancer and others do not.However, scientists have studied general patterns of cancer in different populations to see more of the disease remains a scourge.

All things that increase the likelihood of a person developing a disease, also called risk factors. While anything that reduces the chances of a person exposed this defect is called a protective factor.

Some risk factors for cancer could be avoided, but most do not. For example, although we may choose to quit smoking, it is clear we can not choose which genes inherited from parents.

Both smoking and genetics can increase the risk of cancer, but only smoking can be avoided. Therefore, prevention means avoiding the risk factors and increasing protective factors and minimize the risk of cancer can be suppressed.

In each country the apparent relationship between the incidence of cancer with the consumption of meat, processed meat and dairy products. State dominated diet of vegetables have always had a cancer incidence rate is lower.

Peenlitian results in animal and human epidemiological survey evidence shows that, by destroying the balance in the diet, have created ideal conditions for the growth of cancer in the body.

David Servan-Schreiber, clinical professor of psychiatry and founder of an integrated center for cancer treatment, in his book Cancer-Free Living, providing a simple recommendation to stop the spread of cancer.

- Avoid sugar and white flour. The use of acacia honey, palm sugar, flour, or as a sweetener and flour as an ingredient in pasta and multigrain bread.

- Reduce consumption of red meat and avoid processed meat products. World Wide Fund for Cancer Research recommends eating red meat and processed meat products of less than 500 grams per week. In other words, at most four or five pieces of meat.

- Avoid all trans fats and animal fats. Olive oil and canola oil is a vegetable fat that is very good and does not cause inflammation. Butter and cheese is balanced omega-3 also does not cause inflammation.

- Stop smoking. Decades of research consistently shows a strong association between the consumption of snuff and cancer. In the U.S. study found that smoking causes 30 percent of deaths in the U.S..

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