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Sperm Eating for Agile

Sperm quantity and agility are essential for male fertility condition. Especially for those who want offspring, sperm swim faster, and the polynomial is a prerequisite that must be met.
By recent studies, experts advise, meet two conditions, each man keeps his diet pattern. Poor eating habits such as eating fatty foods can actually interfere with fertility.
The study found that men with higher levels of trans fatty acid intake of the lowest average sperm concentration was twice as compared to other men. Men with a healthy diet has an average of 79 million sperm per milliliter, while those with a high fat transnya only 48 million per ml.
Researchers who study, Audrey wrote Gaskins PhD from the Harvard School of Public Health, explains, trans fat that accumulates in the body and kills the possibility of pushing the sperm slowly.
In another study, the experts also examined the quality of the cement 188 students. The results showed that students who undergo a healthy diet, like eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish and legumes motility (movement speed of the sperm to the egg) have been better than students who are less healthy diet such as eating fast food and snacks on pizza. This healthy student category average by 7 percent higher mobility compared to peers who are less healthy food.
“A healthy diet with more foods from plants contain anti-oxidants are generally higher. Oxidative stress can weaken the sperm, but high antioxidant foods that improve the quality of the cement can continue to consume,” said Gaskins.
The easiest way to improve diets, Gaskins continued, is to start leaving the consumption of prepared foods tend to have a high trans fat but low in antioxidants. To increase the intake of antioxidants, introduce more fruit and vegetable consumption and implementation of a Mediterranean diet rich in fish oil and olive oil.

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