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Steve Jobs, Pancreatic Cancer, Smoking and Diabetes

Steve Jobs has pancreatic cancer, as well as actor Patrick Swayze, who died of pancreatic cancer in September 2009. Here is a little about pancreatic cancer that quoted from Sol Goldman, John Hopkins Medical Center and WebMD. This article is part of the book Fat Loss Weight Loss DIABETES notes which will be released. Diabetes is associated with the pancreas.

Another thing that attracted me the chance to share that I learned marketing, so it’s well-known figure of Steve Jobs, but not an Apple user. Steve Jobs’s health was observed interesting, because the share price of Apple shares Steve’s health is influenced by rumors.

For example, if Steve does not sound like a MacWorld show in 2009, Steve said he “was a hormonal imbalance”. When he announced undergoing maintenance, Apple’s stock price fell. Every time a rumor spread, either real or fake about Steve’s health is the share price will fall.

Steve Jobs is known pancreatic cancer. And the following is a general idea of ​​pancreatic cancer.

The pancreas is a gland that shaped tube about 15 cm which is located at the rear of the abdomen. The main task for the human body produces an enzyme that helps break down food adalh intestines, and produce the hormone insulin, which helps the blood sugar regulation.

Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer death for both men and women and is one of the most deadly forms of cancer, known in medical circles as the “silent killer” America 38,000 people will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and 34,000 of them will die from it.

This cancer can be treated if in fact discovered in the early stages of cancer, but the problem is difficult to diagnose early. In the early stages of cancer do not feel symptoms. However, with the volume of the growth of cancer cells, it will feel pain in the upper abdomen that radiates to the back left.

The pain is when people affected by cancer, eating or lying down.Another symptom that appears is the nickname of yellow jaundice.Ability to survive for 5 years is 25 percent if the cancer surgery and was appointed as a child and has not spread.

Everyone at greatest risk for pancreatic cancer? The following are the factors that influence the incidence of pancreatic cancer:

1. Heredity. If two or more family members suffering from pancreatic cancer.

2. Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry

3. BRCA mutations

4. Older than 50 years

5. Heavy smokers.

6. Diabetes

7. Others, such as chronic liver disease, obesity, lack of exercise.
The first three of these factors is that most can not be verified. A fourth factor that aging is not verifiable, because the chronological age of the person continues to grow. However, the age of the body are restored. One way is an integral hormone therapy.

The fifth factor is the smoking is a factor that I pay particular attention. According to John Hopkins, smoking is a risk factor for pancreatic cancer, and as we know, cigarette consumption in this country is enormous. Requires attention to all the people in Indonesia, which as a result of smoking is more than just lung cancer.

Premature deaths from smoking is going on. Premature death means the loss of valuable talent that a very expensive undertaking, institution, organization in this country to progress needed.

The sixth factor is diabetes. Patients with pancreatic cancer, diabetes, 10-20 percent. Diabetes is a risk that can fakor in “managed” with a healthy lifestyle. Keywords diabetes, heredity and lifestyle. Heredity certainly can not be changed, but the lifestyle can be changed.

Some risk factors for diabetes is the initiator of a sugar overdose pancreatic fatigue, and foods rich in fat, especially trans fats in palm oil causes, and sold at various fast food. The consumption of both the “back up” by monosodium glutamate, aka MSG, a feeling reinforced.

However, if you want to track a bit, we need to think critically, what motivates people to become like the food, which eventually lead to diabetes.

One is the stress (suitable for the condition of Steve Jobs), or in the form of job stress, stressful romantic relationships, financial stress.One solution is to actually find a solution to this stress, learn new healthy lifestyle. That is, to be changed mindsetnya, demonstrated a new way, and examples of how to do this.

All companies, organizations, ionstansi, healthy life training mentality must change. Because if negligent, could have an impact on the overall strength of the teams, especially if the affected executives in high positions such as Steve Jobs.

Either smoking or diabetes, the lifestyle change, it takes more than just a profession. But the need for conditioning. Because it takes is a change in mindset. Changes in behavior, which is announced, no results without a change in mindset. The modification involves changing the subconscious mindset that special techniques are needed to do it. Not just a job. Should the standard procedure. Part of the obligation.

If the organization still wants changes to improve performance, it’s time to business health strategy as a competitive advantage that is used in the company. Changing the attitudes, behavior change, so the results. So we can reduce the risk of premature loss of talented people like Steve Jobs of Apple lost.

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