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Sugar Can Heal Wounds

It may sound strange, sugar is known as the giver of sweetness in the food turned out to be one of the drugs in your kitchen to treat wounds. This practice has been used since 1700 BC by doctors in Egypt.

The role of sugar in the cure enough. Of course, sugar has antibacterial and inhibits the growth of microorganisms. Sugar also absorbs moisture and reduces the inflammation that is common in tissue injury. Sugar is also known to stimulate tissue regeneration.

In Argentina, scientists at the University of Buenos Aires gave 120 patients with infected wounds sugar granules and found 99 percent of cases of bacterial infection healed within 9 days to 17 weeks.

Doctors Medical Center in Greenville Delta, America also reported the same success in the 5-year study involving 605 patients suffering from burns, ulcers or scars.

Doctor in Greenville this therapy is a combination of sugar and povidone-iodine, mild anti-infective agents, mmeberikan better results than the various drugs and other injuries.

They found the patient’s wound to heal faster than with standard treatment. Little scars. Furthermore, the use of antibiotics is also reduced.
One thing to consider in the use of sugar as a “cure” is to ensure that the wound has stopped bleeding altogether for 24 hours before applying the sugar.

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