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Chemotherapy is still a major cancer treatment penanangan. For some types of malignancies, chemotherapy can cure one even if the cancer has spread.
Depending on the drugs, chemotherapy may cause various side effects usually disappear after treatment is completed. Side effects are often experienced hair loss, dry mouth, vomiting or diarrhea. Though rare, side effects can also damage the heart.
In the most recent research conducted by experts from the United Kingdom it is known that cancer patients continue to exercise while undergoing chemotherapy a lower risk of heart problems than those who have not exercised.
The real benefit was observed in patients who use its fitness. Researchers measured the amount of oxygen by the body during exercise as an indicator of cardiovascular disease risk in the future. Exercise during chemotherapy can actually help the organs are healthier and more resistant to the toxic effects of certain therapies.

“Our data show that women with breast cancer do not have to wait for the completion of therapy are just starting to exercise,” said researcher Lee W. Jones, director of the Duke University Center for Cancer Survivorship.

Jones said, until recently much of the idea that exercise can harm cancer patients. However, these findings demonstrate that exercise the benefits for patients with cancer, including a better quality of life and the risk of death.

“This discovery is a procedure that is very empowering. They can do whatever control the symptoms and possible long-term prognosis,” said Jones.

Nevertheless, patients who want to start exercising when they feel that they have only the capacity to do so, Jones said. Before beginning the exercise regimen, patients should consult their doctor.

“The best exercise is the type of exercise that they want, such as walking, cycling or swimming. Patients who had never done sports, including gymnastics, should gradually begin. The point is not to treat you because you should not exercise, ”he said.

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