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Natural antibiotic properties of garlic

The use of plants to treat illnesses for thousands of years has been carried out by the community. Including onions. According to records, garlic has been used since3,500 years ago in the world of cooking and treatment.

Although the smell is too strong, but compared to other super foods likepomegranate wine, red or green tea, onions were far superior in the prevention and treatment of disease.

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Garlic Health Benefits

Garlic is not just spices, but traditionally also used for various types of drugs. Romans and ancient Egyptians used garlic to increase their endurance. In the 20 th century, garlic was used to combat a global influenza pandemic. Currently, more than 5,000 scientific publications around the world have confirmed the health benefits of garlic, including the nature of antibiotics, anti-cholesterol, anti-hypertensives, other anti-fungal and many others. Continue reading