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The new healing method: Chakras

Have you ever heard of Chakras? The 7 Chakras are the natural environment energy in a human body. Each of 7 Chakras are responsible for different things in human life like prosperity, relationship, health and creativity.   To know how well your 7 Chakras are, you usually have to do the Chakra Test. This Chakra Test will make you know which Chakras of yours is the strongest or the weakest, and you will get explanation what Chakras score means to the aspects for your life. The chakra method itself has been introduced since 1989. The first healing method by Chakras is done to Caro Tuttle. And since she feels the better life with understanding chakra, she continues to develop it until now. The healing method of Chakras is always combined with the medical healing method. It can’t be parted. It’s like the medicine will heal the physic and the Chakras will heal the soul or inner self. The Chakras healing method understands that illness is caused by a complex disconnection between mind, body, and spirit. That’s the main important healing of Chakras. The combination of right medicine and proper chakra healing system can help you to fully heal and balance yourself. On Chakras to, we can learn how to control our mind and focusing it, so we won’t easily beat down and feel stress or depressed.


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