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The risk of injury due to Frequent Use “High Heels”

For some women, the shoe is not just footwear, but become a fashion statement. Therefore, with the right shoes will make the user feel more sexy and towering berpostur also higher.

But try to see the results of a study published in the Journal ofApplied Phsyology which found that women who wear high heelsfor 40 hours in a week is going to shift gears, even when heeled shoes that are not being used. Furthermore, those who like to wear high heels that experience mechanical stress on the calf muscle which reduces the efficiency of the march. It also identified the potential to cause injury.

Another expert stated that high heels cause the alignment of the spine and hip is broken and cause increased pressure on the knee. Along with the thickening of the nerves between the toescausing foot pain.

Therefore, should reconsider the risks with the benefits of usinghigh heels. When the demands of the labor cause must still usehigh heels, doctors suggest that you use only at certain times, for example, in a client meeting or presentation. Also, do not wait until the leg problems become chronic, you should check withcomplaints that arise.

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