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These Plants Triggering Passion Sex Men

Fenugreek is a kind of beans are widely grown in Asia and is commonly used by people of India as a spice for flavoring food.Fenugreek is also more frequent in making curry.

But you know the other benefits behind the plants in this case?Apparently, in addition to using spices for cooking, fenugreek also have properties to increase male sexual arousal, as experts Research Center for Integrative Medicine Clinical and Molecular Brisbane, Australia.

In that study, scientists tested this plant grass to 60 healthy men aged 25-52 years. Each volunteer ate the grass twice a day for six weeks.

The results showed that levels of libido, men have changed after the control by a score. In six weeks, scores increased by an average of 16.1 to 20.6, up 28 percent. Meanwhile, another group taking the pill, achieve a much lower.
According to investigators, fenugreek seeds contain saponin compounds that can stimulate the production of male sex hormones, including testosterone.
“Perhaps the plant is beneficial to increase testosterone or androgen levels, which normally declines with age. If this facility has been proven safe, would certainly be good news for men who have a good sex life can live longer than those who do not have, “says Dr Raj Persad, consultant neurologists, as reported by Dailymail.

Note, the plant has a Latin name (Trigonella foenum-graecum) is apparently already been used in ancient Egypt to treat fever.

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