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This Directive Childhood Obesity

Suggestion of obesity or overweight children in her lifetime can be considered before the child was two. A sign is the rapid increase inbody weight.

A study of more than 100 children and adolescents who are obeseshow, half the children were overweight at age 24 months and 90 percent were obese at the age of five. Same quarter are overweight by the age of five months.

In developed countries, obesity has become a serious concern forpublic health professionals because of health problems that can be caused by excess weight. In Britain, about 27 percent of childrensuffer from obesity.

Although the rapid weight gain in infancy did not understand the cause, giving solid foods earlier, poor diet and lack of physical activity believed to contribute.

The researchers reported in the journal Clinical Pediatrics states,children’s eating habits have been formed before the child was two.Therefore, changing the eating habits of children at an older age is considered more difficult.

John Harrington, chairman of researchers from Eastern Virginia Medical School, said the results should be ”early warning” for doctors and parents to instill healthy eating as soon as possible.

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