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Tips for Safe Consumption of Multivitamin Supplements

Two findings were published in recent days, concerns about the safety of consumption of vitamin supplements cause. Should we mengasupnya? Vitamins and minerals that are most at risk? How to choose the safest?
Most people consider a good multi vitamin supplement for the body. The industry even refer to it as “insurance” for those seeking a less healthy diet.
Many people do not realize that the food we have available asup enough vitamins and minerals. Even food and drink containers, such as junk food is often enriched with nutrients as added value.Because of that risk to suffer from excess vitamin is very large if we supplement with a variety of vitamin supplements.
“The study results prove the supplement were not as safe as claimed by the industry,” said David Schardt, a nutritionist at the Center for Science in the public interest.
Earlier this week a study of more than 40,000 older women found an increased risk of death in people who took daily supplements, including multivitamins, folic acid, iron and copper.
Another study found that men who consumed high doses of vitamin E, about 400 units per day, for five years at higher risk for prostate cancer.
In principle there is no strong scientific evidence about the effectiveness of multivitamins in reducing risk of cancer, heart disease, or other chronic diseases.
Selain Risiko are studies that show the health of people who lack certain vitamins experts dianggap keliru. Meet the deficiency of vitamins or minerals to the daily needs is different than adding more than the recommended levels.
The best way to meet body needs vitamins is to eat foods that naturally contain vitamin. ”Food is not only vitamins and minerals but also contain fiber and other healthy,” said Jody Engel, nutritionist.
If we vitamins from natural ingredients, it is impossible to happen too many vitamins or minerals.
Who did this?
Schardt says, there are some people who require supplementation, namely:
- Post-menopausal women who need vitamin D and calcium from the bones to protect.
- Women planning pregnancy should folic acid to prevent birth defects.
- People over 50 years and will require a vegetarian vitamin B12.
- Pregnant women need extra iron.
- Nursing mothers may need calcium and vitamin D.
If you have a supplement, be careful of quality., which the supplement company recently examined the results of his findings that calls one of the four supplements do not contain substances listed in the package.
They also claim that the high price is no guarantee of good quality supplement. Also note the presence or absence of security certification of authorized institutions, for example BPOM.
Here are some tips on safely taking supplements:
- Make it simple. More and more content in the supplement combo, the more likely number is not correct.
- Experts from the Office of dietary supplements, if possible, select a specific supplement combo with age and gender.Multivitamins typically contain little iron and vitamins for the elderly usually contain more calcium and vitamin D.
- The consumption of vitamin D during dinner. Studies show the absorption of nutrients is much better when consumed with large dining and more fat.
- Beware of vitamin K supplement, because it can speed up the clogging of blood vessels and can interfere with heart medications and blood thinners.
- Smokers and former smokers are advised to multivitamins, beta-carotene or vitamin A include, avoiding Two scientific studies show this vitamin increases the risk of lung cancer.
- For patients with cancer, vitamin C and E would reduce the effectiveness of chemotherapy.
- The person who will perform the surgery should inform their physician if taking vitamin supplements as a kind of vitamins can cause bleeding and interfere with anesthesia.

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