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Tips Natural Body Fattening

1. Sport
With exercise the body will be healthy, so that the body is working properly. Keep at least one week in sports at least once. With a form of exercise that can make you at least sweat.

2. Drinking milk
Milk can also be a healthy addition to your body fat, especially whole milk. It is recommended to drink in its own right types of milk cream twice a day.

3. Chew
When food in the mouth and chew until smooth. This is done to facilitate the work of the stomach. Also, eat foods that are hard to digest. Because other than the mouth no longer exist on the teeth tlain forged.

4. Eat regularly
Every day, eat regularly. Always have breakfast in the morning hours, lunch and dinner. And can be interrupted by certain foods.

5. Type of food
Type of food you eat adjust your activities. If you move a lot and eat lots of carbohydrates or fats. Because if the excess, then the carbohydrate and fat will be deposited. Unlike the protein that the body will not be backfilled.

6. Enough sleep.
Our body needs a minimum of 8 hours rest. Always try to nap.

7. Reduce smoking and to stay until the end.
If you smoke, then reduce, and if you often stay up, then break the habit.

8. If possible, use egg whites once a day.

9. Check your health
If you already lean and fat then try checking your health. If it were not for the disease then at least with advice on how to quickly grow your body is already there is a change in a month.

” Well this is perhaps as an entry for you who really want the fat naturally so I hope your dreams come true, if still oiya is no longer there to consider his suggestion “

1. Make a habit of snacking
Snacking or eating snacks alias is a way to speed up the fat. By eating frequent small meals or snacks can help you increase your weight. As it was felt by many people become obese.

2. Raise your appetite
Because it raises appetite stomach then automatically add the width and easy hunger. In this way, the contribution of your body of food accompanied by weight increase. But avoid eating during sleep or sleep after a meal. For it is not ideal, but the body in your stomach will be distended.

3. Avoid high-calorie
If you want to cut back fat fast foods that contain high calories.Because if you intend to be fat, but eating foods high in calories, even if you do not grow. Caused by foods that are high in calories can easily fill your stomach. Then you will always be satisfied instead of hungry.

4. Sport
As an exercise to keep your body will be stable and may gain weight. Because offset by exercise, then the food will get digested quickly, then the muscles of your body will grow, so will automatically increase your weight. About to try it at least 2 hours of exercise per week.

5. Avoid smoking
Due to smoking will reduce your appetite. So, this way your body will not even fat. If he became an active smoker, try smoking after meals.

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