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Treating Women’s Eating Disorders

Due to the influence of TV, movies and print media today, many women become convinced that they need to be slim in order to be acceptable to others and to get ahead in live. At the same time, a modern, busy lifestyle often forces people to grab a quick meal at convenient fast food outlets that are found all over the urban landscape, and relying on these often brings about overweight conditions. Today, over two-thirds of Americans are overweight. Many overweight women go on crash diets, and in some cases, the obsession with weight loss pushes them into an obsession with their appearance and attempts to be thin. Some of these obsessions turn into clinical eating disorders that can have serious consequences in terms of long-term health.

Two of the most frequent eating disorders found that originate with distorted perceptions of media “slim-body” stereotypes are both extremely dangerous and cause malnourishment and extreme underweight conditions. Bulimia is one of these conditions while another is known as anorexia. A person with anorexia will habitually consume a minimal of nourishing food, and with such low caloric intake and poor overall nutrition, the person’s health is severely compromised. Anorexia treatment begins by developing a new level of confidence and self-esteem. The patient must be convinced such starvation is detrimental and will not achieve anything. The patient’s obsession to be thin must be overcome.

Bulimia presents a quite different situation. Patients suffering from bulimia also have a low self-esteem, but attempt to seek gratification by consuming an excess of satisfying foods. However, after they are satiated, they feel guilty and know that such overeating will only cause them to gain weight, so they purge the food through self-induced vomiting. When a very small amount of the unpurgable food ingested is all that nourishes their body, they, not unlike anorexia victims, become emaciated and malnourished. Bulimia Treatments require the elimination of the need to eat to achieve satisfaction as well as remove the compulsion to rectify the excesses by purging their meal. Eating Disorder Treatments require patience on the part of the therapist. Since each case tends to be a bit different insofar as the initial causes and mental triggers, each case requires special and individualized council ling and tailored approaches to the treatment. The specialists that treat these cases are experienced and have the needed abilities to modify the therapies and approaches employed to treat each individual and dissimilar case. The experts at Eating Disorder Treatments will help you to get the patient enrolled in the program so that their disorder can be eliminated, allowing them to return to a more normal and productive life.

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