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Waist Pain Simple Exercises Overcome

Pain in the waist (lower back pain) is a clinical syndrome characterized by major symptoms of painor discomfort in the lower back.

Almost everyone has experienced this condition.The reason could be due to a variety of reasons ranging from strained muscles to injury.

Here are some simple exercises and movementsthat can be done to help overcome the problem of low back pain.

- Avoid positions or activities that increase or causeback pain. Use an ice pack if necessary and usepainkillers if you really can not stand the pain. Mostback pain problems will gradually improve as youstay active.

- You can choose a simple strengthening exercisesin the abdomen, back and legs, followed bystretching. Exercise not only helps you recover faster, it also prevents damage to your back again.

- Remember that you need to stay active after recovering from back pain and gradually increase your activity level. Little activity will result in the lossof flexibility, strength and stamina so that ultimatelyhave an impact on recurrence.

- Avoid sleeping in the prone position. When yourposition on his belly, the belly protrudes downward,forming arches at the back, allowing the lumbarcurve, thereby providing pain. Sleeping on your backwill make you feel comfortable. Experts recommendside sleeping position with legs bent at the knees.This position is intended to minimize the spinalstress.

- Notice how you sit and stand-poor posture is often the main cause of low back pain. Do not bend when you sit and stand.

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