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Ways of Prevent Colon Cancer

In addition to early diagnosis, is one of the best approach in the fight against cancer prevention. In cases of colorectal cancer(colon), all indicates large part to dietary factors.

Regardless of your age, it’s never too late, something that could doto prevent cancer. Here are some factors, colorectal cancer, wecan not control:

1. Contact with certain chemicals such as heavy metals, toxins,and electro-magnetic waves ototoksi

2. Poor diet, eat as much red meat and fat, but not voted on freshfruits and vegetables contain fiber hear.

3. Saturated fatty acids. Those who eat high-fat diet to cancerwith a higher risk of colon cancer like. Every day your body needsonly 30% of calories come from fat.

4. Alcoholic beverages. Intestine, alcohol can turn intoasetilaldehida that the risk for colon cancer

5. Obesity. The research shows, is overweight (obesity) is a riskfactor for prostate cancer, colon, rectum and breast cancer.

6. Work sitting down all day

7. Lack of physical activity like sports.

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