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Sleep is very important for health. In the middle are well aware that health is influenced by two factors related to the quality and quantity of sleep.

But probably not many are aware that sleep position also help determine health. According to experts, about 95 percent of men have always slept in the same position every night. Not surprisingly, when the sleeping position that never changes, a person may be prone to certain diseases.

The following is a ± a sleep position for the study of health experts:

1. Recovery Position
This position is called the recovery position due to common use in emergency situations or medical emergencies. According to Professor Jim Horne of the Sleep Research Centre at Loughborough University in England, this position may help relieve digestive disorders, especially acid reflux (acid reflux) and to relieve the airway.
The primary key for this position is to tilt the body to the left. A study of patients with heartburn (burning sensation in the stomach or chest) in the Graduate Hospital, Philadelphia, USA found sleeping on his right side to make a slower gastric acid up into the esophagus, so that those who sleep on their right side more often now promising.
However, this position may lead to other risks, leading to wrinkles and folds in the skin of the face, because one of the face of pressure.
2. Body position
Sleeping in the position of looking up or placing the back of the body as the pedestal is a good option for people with arthritis and back pain, says Sammy Margo, a psychotherapist and author of Good Sleep Guide. This is due to the load or weight of the body is divided evenly to all parts without applying pressure to a particular area of ​​the body.

However, this position also known as the main cause of the bad effects of snoring or snoring. Dr John Shneerson, director of the Sleep Centre at Papworth Hospital in Cambridge said that this position will cause the muscles of the jaw and tongue relaxed. As a result, the jaw and throat become weak and collapsed due to gravity. These conditions make the throat constricts, causing air turbulence and vibrations that cause snoring.
severe sleep disorders like sleep apnea snoring may arise from this. Throat can be completely closed so they can stop the flow of breath for 10 seconds or more.
“Research shows that those who sleep in this position tends to decrease the levels of oxygen in the blood circulation, which is certainly a concern for patients who develop heart disease and lung,” said Dr. David Eccleston , doctors sleep problems AHI of Birmingham, England.

Those who sleep in this position also breathe faster than who slept with other positions, so that body tissues are deprived of oxygen (oxygen).This can lead to other disorders such as asthma and heart disease. If this is your favorite position, make sure your head is comfortably supported by pillows, said Dominic Cheetham, a chiropractor in London. The lack of support in the neck and the tension of the upper vertebrae, as in the muscles of the neck and shoulder can trigger pain.

3. Fetal position
The side sleeping position with knees bent legs up or near the breast. This position may help overcome an injury and back pain.

“During the day, the spine is affected the pressure of gravity that makes a lot of pressure on the discs -.. Shocks During sleep, there is no pressure on his back The water in the agency concerned on the disk, and aids recovery from injuries, “says Sammy Margo.

According to Sammy, sleeping in a fetal position is ideal, because when the body is curved inward opening the spine, reducing pressure on the discs and enhance recovery. But Sammy recalled, it is important to secure the position of the neck parallel to the body. In other words, make sure the pillow is not too high or too low, as this will cause tension in the muscles and nerves in the neck, which resulted in headaches and neck in the morning.

4. Spooning position
Sleeping position to take this pair can increase the strength of the relationship, according to research published by the neurologist and Dr. James Coan psikolg U.S.. Physical contact during sleep to reduce stress in both women and men. However, this position could also make the body stiff and sore muscles and joint compound.

“It’s important to remember that your body is constantly changing in recent years. The place that once felt uncomfortable, it may be more valid,” said Sammy.

Located where the couple adheres to your body – either front or rear – can cause back and shoulder pain. While sleeping in an arm or chest with your partner can make the neck out of alignment with the spine for neck pain trigger.

5. Sunbather Position
Sleeping on your stomach to help prevent snoring, because the throat muscles are not inclined to the influence of gravity. But if you are a person who often menggertakan teeth during sleep, this position is not recommended. According to Dr. Mani Bhardwaj, dentists smiles Studies in London, when a person sleeps on her stomach with the position of the lower jaw forward will be more than the normal position. This means for those who like to bully-crack no pressure will be greater in the lower teeth that can lead to significant damage.
In addition, this position also has the potential to cause neurological disorders in the upper body.”When you face down, not too many pillows or too and the influence of neck position and membuanya aligned with the spine. This will increase the likelihood of nerve compression, especially in older people,” said Dr. Eccleston.

You also have to turn the neck to the left or right, which causes the voltage on one side. nerve compression occurs when the bones vertebrae compress the nerve in the neck. The risk of this condition increases when the column has arthritis with age.
Dr. Eccleston made use merekommendasikan spring latex foam mattress or a mattress, because it can adapt to your body shape and provides protection and support is ideal for the spine.

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