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Wise Consumption Isotonic When Fasting

Imaged as isotonic drinks can replace fluids lost in a short period of time. But the drink is actually consumed can not be arbitrary because the sodium content is quite high.

An advertisement of isotonic drinks on television said that during sleep, the body loses lots of fluids so that when the meal must be mengasup isotonic drinks to replace lost ions.

The teaching staff at the Department of Medicine Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, Dr.Ari Fahrial Sham, Sp.PD revealed the ad is actually misleading.

“Without the activity or the bed, the liquid comes out through the skin and breathing of about 350 cc. As for the electrolytes, especially sodium and chloride are issued only through urine, faeces and sweat. I think if we did not sleep a lot of sweat that comes out unless the room is very hot as a sauna, “he said in an e-mail.

He added, isotonic drink is essentially a salt solution is then added with some other substances such as vitamins and sugar, because it must be used correctly.
“Must use diwaspadi isotonic drinks, especially in people with digestive disorders, patients with hypertension, diabetes mellitus patients is also a sugar levels will be affected if it does not take into account the consumption of sugar in the solution isotonic, “added the president of the Association for the Advancement of Medical Specialists in Indonesia.

In line with dr.Ari, dietitian and nutrition, dr.Phaidon L. Toruan revealed the meal with an electrolyte drink that are added to synthetic sugar is not the right choice.

He explained, in principle, humans must electrolytes, for the life of the human body with all the principles of biochemical processes use electricity. ”But we need electricity that” life “that comes from living matter, such as coconut water and fruit,” he said.

Electrolytes in nature as it contains the fruits, more elements than the elements potassium and sodium is alkaline. Consumption of natural electrolyte makes the body healthy and optimum environment. While synthetic electrolyte, the levels of potassium over Na, it is salty.

“Electrolytes such even cause slightly elevated blood pressure.Our bodies need food and drink with compositions such as those found in nature, “he said.

Adequacy of body fluid will be confirmed by Ari can be satisfied with drinking water. ”Always try to drink a total of 8-10 glasses per day. If the increased activity and sweat more, we can get the source of fluids and minerals in the fruit,” he said.

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