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Yogurt, Delicious Ways to Overcome Diarrhea

Yogurt is a fermented milk can be a source of kasium for thosewho suffer from lactose intolerance (diarrhea experienced by drinking milk).

As a source of calcium, yogurt can certainly help preventosteoporosis usually affects middle-aged women and the elderly.In addition, one study showed that yogurt can overcome the problem of gastrointestinal infections.

Probiotic bacteria found in yogurt can fight bad bacteria in the digestive system and helps the journey of food in thegastrointestinal tract. Indeed, the blood sugar and fat levels can be maintained at good levels, and also helps absorption of calcium.The content prostaglandinnya effective in preventing diarrhea.

According to news reported in the American Journal of ClinicalNutrition in 2002, eating yogurt regularly can enhance immunity, especially those related to digestion.

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